Monday, 19 March 2012

Jon Hamm Defends Kim Kardashian Kritique as "Accurate"

Leave it to Kim Kardashian to hijack the hype for season five of Mad Men.
With that four-time Emmy Award-winning drama returning to AMC this Sunday, Jon Hamm and other cast members were interviewed this morning to Matt Lauer. But the conversation veered from one point from the future of Sterling, Draper, Cooper and Pryce to Hamm's comments this month about our culture's obsession with "stupidity" and Kim's role in it.
Kardashian then replied and referred to the critique as "careless" because, hey. she's a successful businesswoman!
Such a HammKim Kardashian and Her Breasts
"I don't think they were careless; I think they were accurate," the actor said. "It's a part of our culture that I certainly don't identify with, and I don't really understand the appeal of it other than in a sort of car crash sensibility, and it's not something that I partake in or enjoy, but it is what it is, and here we are."
Vincent Kartheiser jumped in to back up his castmate, saying Hamm spoke eloquently and pretty much referring to Kim as "awful." Watch the exchange below:

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