Thursday, 8 March 2012

Zarine Khan Loses Wight

Zarine 'Fatrina' Khan works off her choco-induced flab inside the gym

After being nicknamed Fatrina, Veer actress Zarine Khan who closely resembles Katrina Kaif, be desperately shedding the flab she acquired for the film.

The newbie has been working out religiously and the results are already showing. She has been gymming daily for over an hour coupled with swimming and jogging.

B-Town buzz is that she has been signed for another film and is keen to shed the flab. Sources state that she will feature in Salman Khan- starrer Kick, produced by Sajid Nadiadwala. Zarine prefers to be tightlipped, though.

Choco chica

Sallu had been put his Veer co-star on a chocolate diet to pile on the kilos for the period drama. The actor had personally taken an interest in her diet, making sure she gorged on cakes and pastries as her role required her to look fuller and more curvaceous. She went on to gain over 10 kilos for her screen persona of a princess in the movie.

Says Zarine, "Every morning, I do pilates for an hour with Yasmin Karachiwalla. While weight training is thrice a week also with her."

The lookalike also does the Boot Camp workout thrice a week with Ajit Mohite at a Bandra gym. "This is a strenuous cardio workout that is why it is also referred to as military training; it is also fast-paced. "When I feel tired with the Boot Camp workout, I make sure I do brisk walking. I am usually at Joggers Park, Bandra," she adds.

Zarine began working out and the results are showing. "In the next few months, it will be even more visible," says the actress who is also eating right. Chocolates are a definite no — she's had enough of them during Veer.

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