Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Trivikram's Snail Paced Work Irks Bunny?

Trivikram is one of the brilliant movie maker of Tollywood.First he revolutionized the movie making through his impeccable literary skills and later his success with megaphone is well known to everyone.Till now he directed about four movies.Except Khaleja, all of them produced gold at boxoffice.However his slow paced work is the hot topic of discussion in Film Nagar these days.After his Nuvve Nuvve, directorial debut, through out his 10 year career he managed just four movies that takes us to an average of 2.5 year/ movie.
Lately, as we hear Allu Arjun is also facing heat because of the snail paced approach of Trivikram.After Badrinath, Allu Arjun signed the movie with Trivikram and according to the movie unit movie is planned for release not before Aug-September. When we take a look the official developments of the project, strangely what we find is, the project title is not yet officially confirmed.More than Allu Arjun, Ileana ,who is making comeback to Tollywood after her rift with Jr NTR, is thoroughly dissappointed with the pace of the production.
Sadly, all through his career, Trivikram worked with only big stars, barring Tarun.Many opine that Trivikram rubber style of working affected Mahesh Babu way too much.Both their projects Athadu and Khaleja took more than year for completion.Even Jalsa had to run into same problems, however reasons cited were PK's entry into politics. Trivikram's style of working has become a serious impediment for star heroes and their fans are put on wait mode for quiet a long time.It is high time that he has to change his working style to complete any project within 6-8 months timeline.May be a quick meeting with Puri will help the cause?

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