Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Ramcharan’s bollywood connections

 Ramcharan in bollywood

Ram Charan Tej will be doing his first hindi movie in april 2012, but he is not new in bollywood.
His contacts list is big enough to cause jealousy among his contemporary telugu heroes.
Ramcharan attended a Christmas party organized Shahrukh Khan at his house as one of the guests, chilled out at Salman Khan’s house during his stay in Mumbai, has had close contacts with Aamir Khan’s family, had a elaborate dinner with love-birds Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan.
He is a good friend with Rana’s alleged girlfriend Bipasha Babu, who offered him any help during his stay in mumbai and last but not the least, Bollywood’s renowned director-cum-produced Karan Johar called him over phone the other day to ask whether he needs any help for his debut B-Town flick’ – this is just a sample and the list goes on!
He is even planning to invite shahrukh khan for his wedding in june 2012, as his fiancee upasana kamineni is a big fan of shahrukh and charan wants to surprise her.
Whatever recognition Charan has been acquiring is only because of his father Chiranjeevi.
Chiru enjoys a special treatment wherever he goes, especially in the film world, where he was greatly respected by one and all for his services to the Industry. ‘Whether it is Chirala or Chicago, Megastar is always Megastar!’ – a famous quote by one of his fan. This is very true and the same treatment was now offered to his Son,” said a film critic.
He also has blessings of the legendary Amitabh Bachchan, whose first solo hit, Zanjeer is being remade with Ramcharan in lead and is close to Bachchan’s family.
Now, with zanjeer production, he will also associate with the mehra’s and reliance entertainment company.
He also was considered by Farhan Akhtar couple of years back for a hindi movie.
No other south indian young hero has this much network in mumbai.
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