Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Racha powerful dialogues!!!!!

Racha movie dialoguesRam Charan Tej’s upcoming movie Racha is having powerful and entertaining dialogues to satisfy megafans.
Paruchuri brothers brought in their experience to add spice for Sampath Nandi’s script and wrote dialogues like “Nuvvu ariste arupule Nenu aruste merupule.. Left indicator vesko..(which sounds similar to Edhi.. o saari face left turning ichuko..).. nenu adugeste AUDI, kanipiste 3D, shirt teeste superbody , aadista kabaddi..Aap Bahar Se Bahut Acha..Hum Tere Liye Edar Vacha…Hum Dono Mile to Rachaaaaaaaa...
Charan to tamanna : Neeku Kanda Takuva..Cutting Ekuva.
Surely these dialogues have raised expectations on this movie.
Right now Mani Sharma is working on background music of this movie and it is said that BGM will be highlight of this flick as it has many car chases and action sequences.
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Punch dialogues by Charan in Racha

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