Thursday, 23 February 2012

Seeing Double: Celebrities That Could Be Twins

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I want to share a few interesting stories about these look-alike celebrities. I really can’t believe how much these celebrities look like twins, in two cases I thought my favorite actress had a new gig!
Victoria Justice & Nina Dobrev:

The tale of the vampire on Nickelodeon: I love The Vampire Diaries and was shocked when I saw my favorite girl Nina (who plays Elena & ironically enough her doppelganger Katherine) on Nickelodeon. So of course I had to Google it. Maybe it was her first acting gig, I thought; but in reality I found out it was her real life doppelganger Victoria! How crazy is that?!
Zooey Deschanel & Katy Perry: (Yes, I know I spelled it wrong, but I’m too tired to fix it)

This is a truly embarrassing flub. I thought Zooey was actually Katy Perry! When I saw Bridge to Terabithia and The Happening, I thought I was watching Katy Perry! In my defense she does play a MUSIC teacher!
Matt Moore & Adam Sandler:

I was watching Homeless for the Holidays and just kept thinking I knew the actor from somewhere. What has he acted in before I pondered. Then it hit me, he looks and acts just like Adam Sandler! It was crazy how much his facial expressions resemble Adam’s, same mouth and nose too!
Natalie Portman &Keira Knightley:

I can never tell these two apart! All I know is that I can name a few movies Nat has been in but have no idea what Keira has done. They just look freakishly similar. Oh, yeah I remember Pirates of the Caribbean (I remembered after I saw the movie cover).

Javier Bardem and Jeffery Dean Morgan:
Uh, wow! Just wow… Twins much?

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